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beaSpot speaks of values, which means that we have a vision of a world full of positive values, where people respect and help each other.

But this is an ideal that we know that often does not correspond to reality. We live in a globalized world, with many values ​​and ways of seeing and understanding life. We share what a musician, known at the time as "king of pop" he said in one of his songs: healing the world, make it a better place for us and for the rest of humanity.

If we do not come here to enjoy, to be good about ourselves so we can help others, we came?

The best way to make the world a different place, a more positive place, without wars, famines and injustice and with positive values ​​is bringing this message to our future children.

It is for this reason that since we believe there beaSpot help children. Must accompany them on the road, you have to teach positive values, we must encourage them to be who they choose to be, so they can continue to contribute to making a better world for all.

From beaSpot, we donate 5% of profit to social projects that are aimed at children. Because we know that many children in the world who need someone to accompany them.

With your help, we will invest in our best value: children.