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Sport and institutions

Sport and institutions

In the last few years we can observe how great a number of "decodes" of sporting behavior have appeared in relation to the sport, and the behavior of its surroundings, on school age in our country.

This facts shows us the concern, or intention, on the part of the institutions to try to change the model in which is transmitted and is lived the sport in infants and young people, for a model with more values.

But do institutions really have the power to influence this change?

decàleg esportista balear

We live a country were we see as educational importance is reduced to physical education in school, a fact that causes the weight of this education and values so important and necessary for personal development is in sports.

It would have to be the same clubs, sports associations, and sports professionals that would have to promote this change of values in sport. It should be clear that before players or athletes are forming people. The educational component of the sports would have to be put ahead of the competition, the result or the classifications. Even so, there are still many entities that put forward the best players, win everything or win the championship regardless of the way to get it or whoever is on the way, or to achieve quality levels within their age groups or categories.

Here we leave a reflection: Do you imagine an entity or club making levels within its teams, or members, for its quality as a person and not for its level of execution?

Enjoy all that brings you the sport!

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